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What we do.

Huurdeman Events / What we do

At Huurdeman Events we manage events with a personal touch.

We typically handle sport and music events. But we can also organise (business) presentations, fairs or any other event you have in mind. Do you want something extraordinary or spectacular? We are the right partner for that too.

Event Management

The full Huurdeman experience. From the first intake through the full production until the debriefing. Your event is in great hands!

Production Management

Managing your production on site. Managing the teams, meeting the deadlines and delivering the results. For a successful event.


Need a quick scan of your location? A security plan for your permits? Even a second opinion of your event plan is no problem. We know events.

How we work

Managing events or productions is all about people. To get results everyone has to play their part. And before we start we always listen carefully. We want to understand you and your event. We use all of our skills and those of our partners to deliver the event you had in mind. And if anything does not go as planned, we have the experience and the network to solve any problem as it occurs.

How we handle the different stages of your event production is described in more detail below. At Huurdeman Events nothing is impossible!

Why Choose Us?

  • Can-Do Mentality
  • International Network of Professionals
  • Flexible and Always on Call
  • Diplomatic People Management
  • On Time all the Time
  • Contact Us Now

Our Services

Event Plan

Together with you we will use our intake and coordinate in writing a full plan for your event. This plan will be the guide to a successful event.

Risk Assessment

For different purposes you will need to prepare a risk assessment. Whether for any legal permits, or for security reasons, this needs to be done in detail.

Venue Design

When a venue has been selected we need to design the venue according to your requirements. This is done with a sophisticated CAD drawing. Based on this drawing we can plan the production.

Finding Materials

Once the event has been described and the venue/location designed it is time to start ordering all the requires materials. We are skilled negotiators to guarantee the best products at the best prices.

Operational Manual

Once everything has been prepared we need to write down a detailed manual for the total event. From the first trucks and supplies arriving, to the clean up after the event. A must-have for any event.

Event Production

This is what it all boils down to. Your event is here. We manage the location according to the operational manual. Any problems will be solved swiftly and your event will be a success!

If you don’t find the services you are looking for, please contact us.x
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